Steel straws

Straws that looks stylish, Eco-friendly and safe. It’s a sustainable alternative to plastic straws. Made from 304 stainless-steel, it weighs very light. So, you can carry it to office and on your travels. They come in a stylish canvas pouch that is easy to carry and wash. Unlike plastic or paper straws, no harmful chemical going into your body while you use it. Lightweight: Made from stainless steel, they are long-lasting and light enough to carry around Eco-friendly: Designed to be zero waste, zero chemicals and zero plastic. Reusable: Use, clean and repeat as many times as you want, comes with sleek cleaning brush. Caution: We suggest you wash the straw immediately after use so that it doesn’t smell bad. Wash the straws with hot water, whenever possible. Do supervise kids under the age of 3 when they use the steel straws