Haber® - A New Kind of Towel

A towel, is a towel, is a towel. To the common man, it is just a towel. Did you ever wonder when you travel and want to pack the old regular towel, imagine the space it takes in the luggage. What about drying? They would not dry in time if you are moving around - imagine going to the beach and then packing the wet towel 🤦‍♀️  Yes, we know that expression, we have all been there!

This is where our ancestors created and used flat towels called 'Gamcha' which is a thin, coarse cotton towel. It's the poor man's towel which is versatile and used in many ways. In the south of India, there are similar towels, but they're also of poor quality and feel rough on the skin. But they do have once important benefit - quick dry. 

In comparison Turkish towels are the best of both worlds - versatile like the Gamcha, in fact a lot better to look at for their signature tassels / knotted fringes. They are far more durable and designer in appeal. 


Haber draws from this insight and offers Turkish towels with further enhancements. This comes to light by looking at the various types of weaves that are used in a Haber Towel. These weaves lead to the texture, and pattern design on the towels. No prints! Only self-weave design patterns. Which are purposeful (we will get to that in a minute). The cotton used in Haber Towel is sustainably sourced premium BCI Cotton (Better Cotton Initiative). To colour Haber Towels, no ordinary dyes will do. Haber uses AZO-free dyes which are safe for your skin and hair, and also safe for the environment. These dyes will last long, really long!

Turkish Towels use long fibres when compared to the regular fluffy terrytowel and even Gamcha. The long fibres make it more soft on your skin, and make water absorption more efficient. And of course, more stronger/ durable and long lasting - they will last you for years to come!


Opti-weave – Aura Collection Towels

Slightly loose weave that is smooth, flows loosely over skin and is durable. It absorbs water effectively and performs well. This weave will suit all skin types and all climate conditions. This is an essential towel for every home, performs better than most of the market available flat weave towels.

Smoothness Level: Medium
Absorbency Level: Good
Stiffnesses when wet: No

Soft-weave  - Chevron Collection Towels

These are closer weaves feels super smooth on skin and perfect for those who prefer smoother lightweight towel. Absorbency is good and good for people who want soft towels /for people with any skin conditions. 

Smoothness Level: High
Absorbency Level: Best
Stiffnesses when wet: No

Micro-waffle – Myriad Collection

Micro-waffle patterned weave, a mild texture which looks like honey comb brought in weave. This pocket of honey comb wicks moisture faster from your skin and since it has a texture it may not feel smoothest but at the same time don’t mistake it for a rough towel. Skin sensorial comfort / fabric feel is good when it is dry as well as wet. Suits perfectly for people in faster lifestyle want things to be done faster. Especially good for gym, yoga and sports use.

Smoothness Level: Textured feel
Absorbency Level: Best
Stiffnesses when wet: No

Dense-Weave – Breton Luxury Collection

These are close weave that feels slightly thicker / denser among our flat woven towels. It goes well with minimalist luxury design of Breton towel collections. Best in class absorbency and smoothness on skin. Suits all skin types. 

Smoothness Level: High and dense
Absorbency Level: Best
Stiffnesses when wet: No

Super light Jacquard weave – Cosmos Organic Collection

This is thin super light Jacquard weave brings you array of designs creating using the waves, feels like air and super smooth. Purity of organically grown cotton and super smooth weave pamper your skin like none. 

Smoothness Level: Super smooth
Absorbency Level: Best
Stiffnesses when wet: No


The benefits of Haber Towels with unmatched properties - fast dry, high absorption, travel friendly, lightweight, alluring colours, timeless designs & a sustainable choice... make it a must have for every household. We're entering the winter season, and what a great time to give up the old fashioned terrytowel, and pick up a Haber. It will dry at least 3x faster. And comes with our guarantee - The Haber Promise. 

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