FAQ's About Flat Towels from Haber


What's a Haber towel?

Introducing the Haber Towel, a sustainable marvel also known as pestemal towels—an eco-friendly alternative to traditional terry-cloth towels. With the ability to absorb water as swiftly as conventional towels, it boasts a quick-dry feature, compact storage, and effortless portability. Initially designed for baths, Haber towels have evolved into versatile essentials for the beach, bath, throws, shawls, or even stylish table coverings. Embrace functionality and sustainability with the all-purpose brilliance of Haber Towels.


Where can I use my Haber towel?

Haber's towels redefine comfort and versatility. The soft fabric adapts effortlessly—wear it as a shawl, use it as a nursing cover, or unfold it into a beach-ready blanket. Light-weight and easy to pack, it's your stylish companion for any occasion. From fashion to functionality, experience the luxury in every thread.


How do you make them?

Haber towels are crafted using traditional methods handed down through generations, woven with premium Indian cotton. Our commitment to purity means none of our products undergo chemical processing. Experience the authenticity and luxury of Haber.


How to care for your Haber towels?

Haber towels age gracefully, getting softer with each wash as cotton fibers break. Maintain their absorbency by adding a cup of vinegar during a monthly rinse. Revel in the unique journey of a towel that becomes more luxurious over time.

The Haber Promise

All Haber products are quality checked for the essential parameters to match international quality standards. If our products do not comply with any of the promised standards, we will cover you under our warranty scheme.

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